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About company

Eagle Hunters Solutions ltd. provides full service security and risk management solutions in accordance to customer needs in a variety of industries. Eagle hunter’s solutions ltd. is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and is the only multinational operating in uniformed
guarded industry with overseas presence in Dubai, Singapore, and Kuwait and is having 30+ branches in India.

Eagle Hunters solutions ltd. was founded in the year 1982 in response to the increasing
demands for security personnel’s with advanced skills and training. It started as a
professional integrated security solutions provider and became one of the top five
agencies operating in India.

Today the company is operating 100+ offices in countries like India, Qatar, UAE,
Singapore, Kuwait, Nepal and Bangladesh. In India the company is operating in 30+ cities.

Eagle Hunters security officers are protecting the life and properties of its various clients in
various industries like Manufacturing Sites, Financial Institutions, IT Sector, Hospitality,
Education, Logistics, Telecom, Real estate and various other locations where security and customer expectations are high.

We distinguishes ourself from other security providers by providing highly trained
security professionals with superior qualifications for which the company has established a network of ultra modern training academy throughout the country.

We provides security services in the following areas:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Security and manned gaurding services
  • Electronic security services
  • Facility management services (MBM)
  • Highway tolls and route management services
  • Telecom infrastructure management and security
  • Cash in transit
  • Executive protection
  • Training
  • Security and survey audits
  • Investigation and detection services
  • Strategic planning and consultation services
  • Background checks
  • Event security
  • Disaster management
  • Cyber security and risk management

Eagle Hunters has done a major joint venture with ETA Ascon holdings which has helped to
extend its network in 21 countries giving a boost to the revenue generation and provide a huge workforce of well trained employees.