10 Resources to Get Started in Web Analytics

What is Web Analytics?
Everyone out there is striving to improve the performance levels of their website. It needs constant monitoring and measurement of visitor data to optimize your website to deliver expected results. This is where Web Analytics will help you. If you are looking to learn smart techniques to grow your brand, then attending an advanced web analytics course will help you. Web analytics is highly useful for measuring website traffic and is found to be a valuable tool for both business and market research.

Web analytics can be used to track user behavior. Through the results obtained, we can check how the users are interacting with our website and how we can begin to communicate more effectively to our audiences that will help them make decisions that we desire. Let us tell you how Web Analytics can be utilized and what effect this has on your business. Some excellent digital analytics certification courses can teach you smart techniques in analytics.

Every time a visitor arrives at your website, the webserver records it. Web Analytics software will then process the data to produce highly effective detailed reports. Google Analytics has a robust web analytics software that provides in-depth information on activities going on with your website through reliable and real-time data.


Today analytics has emerged as a strategic asset for most organizations. Metrics such as visits, bounce rate, and conversions can be monitored and measured down to every single detail. It is recommended that you determine the action you want your visitors to take before you begin your analytics journey. Setting a goal will help you achieve the desired results.

Benefits of Web Analytics

  •  Know your visitors’ geographical location

Identify the geographical information of your visitors with analytics. By identifying the location of your visitors, you can target specific areas.

  • Know your visitors’ demographics

Digitalscool can help you identify everything you need to know about your target audience. Every brand must know about their target audience’s behavior and demographics. Which platforms are they spending most of their time on, and which content are they engaging with? These insights give the brand the understanding of which marketing channels they should be utilizing to find their customers.

  • Create targeted campaigns.

Tracking website traffic will help determine where it is best to invest your marketing time and budget. Detailed insights and data can help brands create targeted campaigns around this information.

  • Web analytics also provide information, such as job titles and financial information.
  • You can use web analytics applications to tailor your website’s content to make it more relevant to your visitors or your target audience.
  • Analytics data can be measured and analyzed to understand and optimize web traffic and usage.
  • The insights can also be used for competitor analysis and market research. Based on these inputs, you can plan how to improve the effectiveness of your website’s content.

Some useful data provided by web analytics data include:

  • Demographics
  • The geographic location of visitors
  • Where traffic is being referred from
  • Click analytics
  • Bounce Rate
  • Total Number of Webpage Visitors

The main technical skill set that most analysts will need to know would be

  • an analytical software: such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics
  • a programming language
  • The most basic data analysis can be done with Excel

 Resources to get started with Web analytics

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Analytics Youtube channel
  3. Web analytics blogs
  4. Online course
  5. Analytics Podcasts
  6. Online analytics Q & A
  7. Web analytics tools
  8. Web analytics book
  9. Analytics Community
  10. Moz Blog Analytic section

Why choose the Analytics certification course by Digitalscool?

Advanced Web Analytics course at Digitalscool will give you well-rounded expertise in digital data analytics.

  • In this analytics course in Gurgaon, you can learn how to leverage data from various sources to conduct quantitative and qualitative research and deliver actionable, data-informed business insights.
  • How digital data analytics drives important insights for all aspects of the customer lifecycle across digital channels
  • This digital analytics course will equip you with an understanding of the concepts of web analytics from ground zero to mastering the analytics domain across digital channels.
  • In-depth knowledge of web analytics, social analytics, mobile analytics, and content analytics
  • The Digitalscool web analytics certification training will give you a complete end-to-end understanding of how digital and data analytics impact the conversion funnel, customer retention, and acquisition, CPA, LTV, and customer engagement.
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Digital Studio, Klipfolio, and Tableau.

Wrap up

It is important for every brand to analyze data as a set of trends and patterns and think outside the box regarding what the data might be telling about your customers and their habits. This information can help the company drive sales and achieve maximum ROI. Web analytics experts are in huge demand.

If you are looking out for a tailor-made short-term web analytics course to jump-start your career in analytics or if you want to equip yourself with analytics skills for your own brand, get in touch today!

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