100+ digital marketing tool for 2020-Part 3

100+ digital marketing tool for 2020-Part 3

In continuation of our series of digital marketing tools to be used in 2020, we bring the part 3 section below

Incorporating a powerful contact management system along with a case management system is an effective strategy for 2020. Here you can you can keep track of all customer queries, feedbacks and leads.

Get publications

Expertise Finder

Which brand would not like to be featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Times of India , The Hindu, Bloomberg or The Economic Times?

Would you like your quote to make it on CNBC or the BBC?

Why not give a try to Expertise Finder?

GlobalExperts :

This publication service allows the users to nominate or self-nominate and receive requests for comment or analysis from popular media


This tool helps users in multiple ways by attracting writers to grow your publications . It also helps find publications to grow your audience. It allows users to start a discussion and contribute to publications and in the process to get the word out about your product/service

Landing Page Creation Tools

The quality of landing page can affect a lot of things in your digital marketing plan for 2020. It is the most important parameter to be considered

The Digitalscool team have included some of the top landing page tools that help your marketing plan in 2020


Leadpages helps users create lead-generating landing pages . It also has inbuilt campaigns, pop-ups. It also has alert options


This tool has a drag and drop enabled page building interface . It provides access to advanced designing technologies

Leadpages has built-in conversion technology that helps find the conversion rate of your landing page.

It provides support for creating unlimited landing pages . Also provides A/B split testing support to help users analyze performance


Unbounce gives users access to a powerful landing page builder. It also helps improve conversion . There is also option to add maps and popups.


It has the drag and drop landing page builder and also hundreds of templates.

Provides Option to add keywords

Provides Integration with email marketing services and number of social media platforms


Instapage gives you access to a 2-minute setup procedure paired with over 200 templates and an extremely user-friendly customizable editor to help create powerful high-conversion landing pages.


Create responsive landing pages with access to over 200 templates and an easy-to-use landing page builder.

A/B testing support along with heatmaps and analytics.

Integration with all popular marketing and Ads software.


Get Response is a marketing platform that can create high-performing landing pages. It also helps create marketing automation and email marketing.


It supports drag and drop page builder , also incorporated is hundreds of professionally designed templates

It provides effective tools for lead generation such as built-in forms, countdown timers

It supports A/B split testing and analytics to help users optimise performance.


Launch rock is the popular online tool for creating stunning “coming soon” pages.


Users can access in built themes to create your “coming soon” page

You can tweak and edit your own brand logo and message into the theme.

Users can access advanced analytics, monitoring and reporting.

Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is a heatmap tool . It will will show you how visitors use your website. Crazy Egg does not help users create landing pages. Instead it is helpful in showing which landing page is effective and which are not


This tool generates a heatmap of your website. This will help you know how your landing page is performing based on user data

Five Second Test

Five Second Test is a powerful and unique tool . It helps users to collect user feedback and subsequently evaluate the effectiveness of your landing page.


This tool instructs registered users to take a Five second test. They will allow the users to browse landing page for 5 seconds.

Subsequently after the five seconds are up, the landing page will close. Now the users will answer what was the parameters and features that stood out the most on the landing page.

Now finally based on all the answers received, you will be able to evaluate if the landing page is effectively optimized. Whether you are able to get the message out. Also you will figure out if it needs changes and revisions


Landingi is also an effective tool that gives users an access to a page builder . This page builder will have in built templates, features and tools to create the best and personalized landing pages.


This tool creates and publishes landing pages in a well-defined process

It Manages all leads generated using the landing pages in a structured manner

Landingi has an option to automate


Lander  is a very powerful too that incorporates useful options to structure user landing page for better lead generation

The tool supports well planned features such as countdown timers. It also has a confirmation page. One feature that stands out is its well structured analytics that helps to gain insight and optimize your lead generation strategies


It helps to Create unlimited landing pages for users. It uses inbuilt layouts and an effective drag and drop page builder.

It incorporates email integration

It can integrate Google Maps and PayPal


Carrd is an effective online tool . Suppose you want to create a landing page. All you have to do is pick a pre built theme, add few personalization and upload relevant images


Appropriate to Create one-page websites. It creates landing pages in a short time.

It provides access to hundreds of well designed responsive templates.


Wix  is a cloud-based web development platform. It is inbuilt with tons of well-designed templates, including landing page designs.

Wix can help users get a functional landing page in a matter of clicks. It has an option to add in your own personalized changes by utilizing the WYSIWYG editor.


It is very effective if you want to have a landing page along with a website.

It provides over thirty inbuilt templates to set up a coming soon page or promotional page for lead generation.

Wix is very easy to use and does not require technological skills


WordPress is currently used to create thirty two percent of websites on the world wide web. This Content Management System is highly flexible and customizable . Through WordPress users can create quality landing pages in a matter of clicks.


WordPress provides access to tons of landing pages. The WordPress themes can turn your site into a lead generation engine.

It provides access to thousands of WordPress plugins . These plugins can help add lead generation and other features that help SEO too

Email Marketing Tools

As it is popularly said “Money is in the list”. True to a large extent, you must start creating your email list from the very first day.

Here are some of the top email marketing tools for your business.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers very easy and simple process to create professional emails to targeted audiences


This tool provides access to tons of stunning email templates that are easily altered using a drag and drop editor.

Constant Contact also has an Email Marketing automation tool to help streamline and automate the routine efforts of email marketing.

Also provides an option to track user’s email marketing results in real time. This helps to monitor, analyze and optimize campaigns.


Sendinblue is an affordable e mail marketing platform . It helps users to create and manage marketing campaigns .It provides both emails as well as SMS services


It has a drag and drop editor that helps users create well designed emails.

It has built in marketing automation features. This function can help users to optimize their contacts with personalized workflow.

It has tools that help access user’s email open rates and also the click-through rates

Mail Chimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing solutions for small businesses. Users get access to effective tools freely


It has inbuilt tools to help users create emails, landing page, ads and lot of other marketing elements, to start effectively interacting with your audience.

Mail Chimp has an option to automatically send emails like welcome notifications, order confirmations. It also has a feature to set abandoned cart reminders

It provides advanced tools too such as contact segmentation and split A/B testing service and app integration

Convert Kit

Convert kit is a marketing service with inbuilt tools to help establish an automated email workflow. In the process the so can focus more on creating well defined good quality content.


This tool helps to grow the email contact list. It uses well designed forms and technology to track data.

It provides options to create a marketing flowchart . This flowchart incorporates conditional statements that help in automating the entire marketing process.

It provides a backend with options to organize and segment your audience to deliver a more targeted customized content


AWeber is one of the first email marketing service platform. It provides quite a few useful tools to boost conversions


AWeber helps create emails with powerful drag and drop editor. It also helps plug them into an automatic marketing funnel.

It also has effective tools to help users manage subscribers and also helps in acquiring subscribers

It has a set of built in powerful tools to help users evaluate your email deliverability rate. It also helps in tracking the marketing plan and offers email split testing.


Keap  is a special platform as it incorporates email marketing service and CRM too. It has been built keeping medium sized businesses in mind . They provide quality service for this segment


It has various advanced technologies to help users convert leads into clients. It also organizes and manages client information.

It has an option to send invoices . Best part is it will let the users know if the invoice has been opened or not.

It provides a customized dashboard to keep track of your sales

Active Campaign

Active Campaign service is a comprehensive marketing platform


It has inbuilt powerful tools to help users create emails for segmented audience. It supports dynamic content that means it allows users to change the email content and images according to the recipient target groups.

This tool offers split testing features to help users evaluate campaign performances and manage or alter accordingly


IContact offers powerful email marketing options. It also provides an intuitive dashboard.


It provides an inbuilt drag and drop enabled email editor to help users create beautiful designs for emails.

It also helps segment audiences to help deliver relevant content to your target audience.

Provides e mail automation

Campaign Monitor

Campaign monitor focuses on helping the user create email marketing campaigns that is suitable for mobile users


Campaign monitor is a powerful email editor. It has a couple of design email templates that helps users to create responsive emails for mobile users.

It provides support for video embed emails.

Campaign monitor tool also provides options that help to segment your target audience and enable sending targeted emails


Campaigner is a too that can be used by people who are tech savvy


The campaigner too provides you an email marketing service that is supported by SMTP relay to ensure fast and secure deliverability.

It has Tools to help analyze purchase behavior. It also segments users and manages them accordingly.


Litmus is an effective email marketing tool that can help the user build quality professional emails. It also helps test emails to make sure there are no broken emails sent to your contacts


Litmus is a powerful email editor to help users build and preview emails to over ninety clients. The best part is users can use the tool to catch broken links and other errors. Detection and elimination of these errors is a crucial step as they affect conversion rates.

Litmus also helps in issuing suggestions to help the user in making sure their emails end up in the inbox and not the recipients’’ spam folder.


Drip  email marketing services have the core strategies for e-commerce businesses. It helps connect e commerce brands with their customers and also offers help to maximize online sales.


Drip email marketing too helps to create personalized campaigns . It helps the marketers to focus on relevant content and recommendations to boost their marketing conversion rates.

It has built in effective email marketing automation tools.

Also impressive is the customised conversion tracking that is available on a dashboard.


Incorporating a powerful contact management system along with a case management system is an effective strategy for 2020. Here you can you can keep track of all customer queries, feedbacks and leads. Also we recommend utilizing some landing page designing tools and e mail marketing tools


Digital marketing plan must not focus only on set strategies and platforms. An effective marketer will try and test all different platforms and techniques for lade generation . In order to help your efforts in this we @digital scool have come up with Part 3 of our series of articles to help you in your digital marketing efforts for 2020

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