100+ Digital marketing Tools for 2020- Part 2

100+ Digital marketing Tools for 2020- Part 2

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Needless to say that SEO should be one of the most important components of your overall marketing strategy because a good SEO strategy can bring you free traffic for a very long time.

So, invest your time and effort to make sure that you have a strong SEO foundation.

These SEO tools will help you to execute your SEO plans perfectly

15. SEMrush


SEMrush is a premium SEO suite covering all necessary features to help you climb up the search engine ladder.


Tools to help you with technical SEO audits along with backlink audit & analysis.

Support for position tracking, ideas for generating more organic traffic, competitive intelligence, and much more.

More tools to access your PPC campaigns, social media traffic, and even PR management.

16. Ahrefs


Ahrefs brings a collection of tools and functionalities to help you understand what your competitors are doing to rank so highly, and what you can do in order to beat them.


Helps create an SEO strategy by analyzing your competitors and helping with keyword research.

Backlink Research and Content Research to help you increase your domain authority.

Rank tracking and web monitoring to help you visualize your progress.

17. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Here we have the Search Console the best free-to-use SEO tool on the planet coming from Google themselves. It gives you plenty of useful insights to your site’s SEO so you can improve it to rank higher on their search engine.


Option to optimize your content using search analytics.

Automatic alerts warning you about issues on your site and how to fix them.

Gives you an understanding of how Google Search sees your pages.

18. KWFinder


One of the most important aspects of SEO is finding the right keywords. Well, with KWFinder, you will be able to hone in on the long-tail keywords that have less competition and start generating organic traffic for your website.


Helps you find keywords and key phrases that are easy to rank for.

Find hundreds of long-tail keywords that your competitors are missing.

Get the exact search volume for close variant keywords to optimize your strategy.

Fine tune your keyword research down to a city level.

19. MOZ: SEO Software

Apart from being the biggest player in modern SEO journalism, Moz also offers its own set of tools to help optimize your websites and gain more organic traffic.


Link Explorer – an excellent link analysis tool that also gives you data and insight on the link building strategy used by your competitors.

MozBar – access live page metrics as you browse on Chrome or Firefox.

Keyword Explorer – helps you find out the best keywords to target.

20. BuzzStream


BuzzStream is a web-based software that can help you promote your product/services and simply create a buzz around your brand.


Find social profiles and contact information of social influencers that might help your business.

Automatically saves your emails and tweets to help you keep track of your conversations.

Gain deep insight into your outreach campaigns.

21. HARO


Haro is a free service that can help you get in touch with journalists and bloggers to help you increase your SEO using high authority mentions and backlinks.


Web-based software to help journalists connect with sources for mutual benefits.

Can be easily used for brand promotion and backlink generation.

22. AnswerThePublic


AnswerThePublic lets you find questions people are asking set around a provided keyword or keyphrase. You can use it to generate blogging ideas already primed for user attention.


Will instantly generate hundreds of questions and ideas surrounding a provided topic/keyword.

All ideas are organized into sections for easier access.

23. Frase.io


Frase helps you analyze your content against the top 10 SERP results to help you find out what’s missing from your content. This streamlines the research process and helps improve your SEO optimization.


AI-powered article summarization so you can quickly finish your research.

Dedicated research assistant helps create content your audience will care about.

Integrates a question-answering bot in your website.

24. Page Speed Insights (From Google)

Page Speed Insights

Your site’s loading speed is a ranking factor in Google’s SEO algorithm. With this in mind, you can use the Pagespeed Insights tool from Google. It can help you find out how your site’s loading speed and what you can do to improve it.


Shows page speed score instead of loading time for your site on desktop as well as mobile.

Provides actionable suggestions to help you improve your site’s loading speed.

25. SpyFu


SpyFu gives you a comprehensive insight into the most profitable keywords as well as ads on your competitor’s websites.


Access every single keyword used by your competitors alongside ever ad tests they have run on Google.

Find out the exact content and backlinks that generate the most traffic for your competitors.

26. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a web crawler or web spider tool which can analyze your site in real time and provide key onsite data which will show you where you stand as far as SEO is concerned.


Helps you easily discover broken links, audit redirects, and discover duplicate content, all of which can impact your SEO score.

Can help generate XML sitemaps so each page is easily indexed by search engines.

Integrates with Google Analytics API.

Section No. 3


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

How you support your customers makes all the difference for a product or service related business.

We have included the top customer relationship management tools that you can use to grow your business.

These SEO tools will help you to execute your SEO plans perfectly

27. Hubspot


Hubspot CRM is a software suite of useful marketing, sales, and service software to help your customers and thereby grow your business.


Marketing hub consists of software to help you with lead generation, marketing automation, and analytics.

Sales hub can help you with email tracking, email automation, and scheduling meetings.

Service hub comes with tools to help your customers raise tickets, leave customer feedbacks, and create a knowledge base to satisfy FAQs.

28. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM brings to you over 40 integrated applications to help you connect with customers, manage relationships, and automate certain aspects of your business.


Apps to help you with sales and marketing, conduct surveys, start campaigns, and much more.

Plenty of collaboration & productivity tools are also available including to write documents, fill spreadsheets, and even send emails.

Other apps can help you with maintaining your books, automate human resources processes, and actively engage with your customers and help them with their problems.

29. Salesforce


Salesforce brings a completely web-based CRM infrastructure to help companies provide quality customer service even on the go.


Powerful cloud-based software to help you with sales & marketing, create communities, and provide quality customer service anytime, anywhere.

Get access to detailed analytical insight to help improve and fine-tune your campaigns.


Insightly CRM tool offers an integration with Google apps. The user also will get access to a lot more contact features to help the user build strong relationships with the customer base.


This tool finds the contact’s social media profiles, LinkedIn information, and other relevant information . It then showcases them alongside contact details.

Effective CRM features like task management, detailed reports, and sales & marketing information


OnepageCRM is by far one of the simplest and easy to use CRM in the market. All necessary information is kept in a one-page highly intuitive layout smooth workflow.


A powerful lead capture system coupled with an awesome contact management interface.

Tools for forecasting sales, and automating the sales process alongside the benefits of adding your sales team for collaborative brainstorming.

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is an online-based software . It helps you be more organized, collaborate with your team members, and also helps to improve your sales


It provides an interface from where you can easily store and manage all your contact information and also helps improve relationships to represent how they connect with your company.

Provides effective tools to manage user’s sales pipeline and create reports to help users evaluate the results.

Nimble CRM

Nimble CRM is an effective tool that can go through your Office 365 and G Suite inboxes .It helps in organizing your contacts, creating contact cards, and provides details of prospective clients


Provides contact cards by integrating information from social media profiles, business insights

A very user friendly layout helps you organize huge amounts of data.

It has Efficient sales & marketing tools complemented with easy collaboration on shared calendars.


Odoo, earlier known as Open ERP, is an open-source CRM tool that comprises of more than thirty apps to help you provide the best possible customer service.


Incorporates efficient sales and marketing tools including support for user subscriptions management and invoicing.

It has the ability to streamline and automate repetitive tasks like accounting, logistics, human resources, and also helpdesk.

It also has lot of productivity tools to help get work done quickly


Freshsales is an effective tool that brings together a complete collection of features that can help with lead generation, creating sales pipelines and data analytics on user behaviour


Incorporates Workflow automation apps that allow you to upload tasks which then will be automatically handled by the tool.

Effective AI technology based lead generation system for high conversions.

It also has a feature wherein Sales predictions are done based on detailed insights and reports.

Close CRM

Close CRM is a tool developed for today’s mobile world with features that can help you boost your phone conversation rates by amazingly high levels


Lets you start calls directly from the apps . This includes features like call logging, recording, and call transfer to more experienced sales professionals to ensure closing.

It provides a built-in messaging functionality, an option to automate calls , predictive dialling, and provides support for leaving a voicemail


Pipedrive is a tool that gives us a view on every important aspect of CRM


Lets you see all your sales prospects in visual sales pipelines

It includes efficient CRM tools including pipeline management, sales forecasting, and sales reporting.

It provides dedicated mobile apps to help the user stay connected and close deals even on the go.


Clevertim is a web-based contact management system that caters to small and medium businesses . This particular tool incorporates certain useful features with a focus on productivity


It helps to access the client’s sales leads in a single display with the option to add tasks and follow up reminders for your sales team

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