100+ Digital marketing tools for 2020-Part 4

100+ Digital marketing tools for 2020-Part 4

Content marketing tools

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. And the best news about it is that it is less expensive than other form of marketing. It only requires you to to create high quality content and bring in traffic.

Here is a list of top content marketing tools for your brand building in 2020


Buzzsumo helps you analyze the “content platform,” understand what content is trending in the industry and thereby showcase topics you should write about to engage your audience.


Get content insights by studying what content is being shared on Social Media.

Find an influencer in your niche to get in touch and build relationships.

Access competitor analysis to understand how your competitor’s content is performing.


Kred helps you find social media influencers particular to your niche by studying their social media activity and audience engagement levels and then suggest influencers that might be beneficial to your brand.


Measures potential influencers by measuring their Facebook and Twitter activity.

Allows you to build your own influencer status to help promote your online presence.


Uberflip platform can help you to improve the content engagement on your site to direct your users and potential customers through your sales funnel.


This platform Provides tools that can help you with content marketing, lead generation, account-based marketing and much more

Gives you access to a single dashboard to manage your blogs, videos, and ebooks too

It can help you create a hype around your content and help it go viral.


A major portion of creating quality content is brainstorming and coming up with great ideas and topics. Evernote allows you to capture those ideas, organize them, and even share them with your team.


A simple note taking application compatible on almost all platforms

It also Allows you to write down notes, save voice recordings as notes, save web pages

Supports adding an annotation to images, analyze text from images, and many more useful features.


Since Twitter is an excellent social media platform to expand your content marketing game, and with Tweriod, you can take it to the next level. The platform allows you to figure out the best time to post your tweets to maximize exposure.


Analyze and monitor your Twitter activity to show you when you are getting the most mentions & replies.

Provides Visual reports that will highlight the best days and hours for sending out tweets.


Trello is an excellent productivity tool known for its collaborative potential. This application can be used to schedule your content marketing strategy in a single layout so you know what needs to be finished at a single glance.


Helps you create topic-centric boards with lists and cards to help you be more organized and productive.

Option to bring your team aboard for deep collaboration.

Available for multiple platforms including desktop, web, and mobile.


Having a dedicated sales funnel can complete your content marketing strategies and help convert your visitors to leads to customers. Clickfunnels gives you a drag and drop enabled platform to help you quickly create a sales funnel to apply in your business.


Prebuilt templates and drag and drop functionalities to help you create custom sales funnel

Google Docs

Google Docs is the perfect online platform that gives you all the necessary tools and collaborative infrastructure to create appealing content for your brand.


All necessary document editing tools necessary for creating web-ready content.

Collaborative tools allow for easy sharing of document files with different accessibility levels.


Content written with grammar issues is not acceptable because it is unprofessional. Grammarly is an online grammar-checker.


It helps you find and fix grammar issues in your content.

Supports an inbuilt plagiarism checker to help detect duplicate content in your writings.


If you want to skyrocket your content marketing game, then you need to understand the users who will engage with your content . HotJar helps users with the UX side of your content marketing


It Analyses user behaviour by implementing tools such as heatmaps

Tools such as polls and surveys give users feedback about the content

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway can help you write simple content with high readability.


. Highlights adverbs, passive voice, and hard to read sentences inside your content so you can edit them.

Also provides you a readability score for your content.


Curata can help you increase your content marketing speed . Helps you discover and share relevant content from across the web.


Helps create a reliable and predictable content

Helps Streamline your content production using a content calendar,

It Can easily analyze how your content is influencing your sales and marketing pipelines.


Filmora is one of the most versatile and customization-heavy video editing tools in the market. Using this tool you can change the speed, rotate video orientations, and access loads of other video enhancement features


Powerful video editing dashboard filled with a lot of useful tools.

It Can help you create engaging videos to popularize your brand.

It Works on Windows, Mac as well as mobile devices running on Android and iOS.


Previously known as Go Animate, Vyond gives access to a lot of powerful features to create high quality animated videos. Best part is You can add dialogues using lip-sync functionalities.


Stations huge library of sounds, props, and templates to use in your animations.

It Provides a fast-paced animation creating platform.

It is found to be Suitable for all web-browsers.


Powtoon is a video marketing platform with tools to help you create presentations and videos to tell stories of your brands


Can help you create personal, educational, and even commercial videos quickly

It provides a collection of professionally designed video and presentation templates.


Slide.ly offers a powerful content creation platform . It allows you to create engaging videos revolving around your brand.


It provides access to over millions of premium video clips and licensed music to help you create awesome videos.

It allows video creation in almost any format and posted anywhere you want.


Videolean is a popular cloud-based video creation platform used by over thousands of people including small and medium-sized businesses.


You can Access various templates to quickly create videos, presentations for your marketing campaigns.


VideoScribe gives you access to a virtual whiteboard that you can use to create hand-drawn or animated explanation videos.


Very budget friendly and affordable and captures the emerging trend of hand-drawn explanation videos.

Provides access to thousands of prebuilt images and music to create your original video.


Vidyard is a high-end video marketing tool. It is specifically curated for medium to large scale businesses


The tool is capable to help you with lead generation and corporate communication.

It has a built-in analytics system to measure and analyze each of your videos performance

Social media integration along with an option to seamlessly share data with your CRM services.


Magisto gives access to powerful video editing tools to help you create social videos to help generate awareness and buzz around your brand


lots of options to help you create and distribute different styles of videos on social media platforms.


Sellanimations gives you a powerful platform to create amazing doodle animations and doodle videos to spread awareness about your brand and help with your marketing campaigns.


Provides an user-friendly and easy to use interface for creating doodle animations and doodle videos to help users tell brand story and establish an online presence.

It Gives you access to voice-over artists.


Shakr is a video editing platform. It helps you create ROI boosting videos in a short time.


Provides Access to hundreds of video designs as templates to create Facebook videos, and Business videos to promote your brand

It has an Option to customize and change the videos with a drag and drop enabled video editor


Vimeo is a popular video service that has a huge community of users. The platform is perfect for hosting your brand videos with expert advice and feedback received through the community


It has In-built support for video collaboration and video distribution.

It does not allow ads to bother video playback.

It has Option to start your own video marketing campaign and provides to detailed reports and performance tracking.


Animoto provides an excellent collection of tools to help users create high-quality videos customised to users marketing campaign .


It has an option to create slideshow videos with voice over which is very helpful to tell brand stories

Provides Access to huge number of prebuilt storyboard template

Lots of video editing tools . Provides support for adding your own watermark to the videos for branding purposes.


Canva is a user friendly and easy to use online design tool . It has lot of built in templates and design elements to help you create a stunning design in a matter of minutes.


It has Drag and drop image editor with access to thousands of professionally designed templates to help create graphics, ads, social media posts, logo , marketing designs, and much more.


PicMonkey is an online photo editor.It is also a design maker. It brings together a truckload of features that helps to edit photos, make collages. Users can use it as a designing tool too


It provides access to a lot of photo editing tools including image resizing, exposure calibration, image sharpening, and changing picture orientation.

The tool gives users access to a lot of beautiful templates, easily customizable by adding and removing design elements and graphics, 89.


Stencil is an easy to use image creator tool. It provides a lot of design elements and graphic-options to help you create attractive designs in a matter of minutes.


It provides access to over a million background images. It has over 500 professionally designed templates. It also has over three thousand icons and graphics to help users create stunning images

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is free to use graphic designer tool that can help users create social media-ready graphics.


It provides access to hundreds of templates to create stunning graphics and animated videos for your social media post. It is optimized for different channels.


Venngage is a powerful infographics tool that will help you create stories and as engagingly as possible.


It provides thousands of templates to help you plot essential data and statistics

It provides Templates structured into different categories including social media, business, marketing, education.


Infogram offers easy to use charts and infographic maker dashboard to help users create easy to convey charts and graphics out of complex data and statistics.


It provides Access to thirty five interactive map prototypes and over five hundred maps.

It has inbuilt collection of over one million images and icons.

It has Amazing tools and features to help you customize graphics


Giphy has one of the largest Gif databases . It is also gif creation platform.


It has access to millions of gif files to help promote your brand.

It has amazing gif creation tools.


MakeAGif gives users access to all the necessary tools to help turn any of your favourite shots from a video into an engaging gif.


It provides Support for different video platforms. This include Facebook videos, YouTube and several others

In-built features to help you make gifs and even share them on social media.


MemeCenter is a free to use Meme and gif generator tool. It can boost your online following. It helps associate your brand identity with something fun and witty


This is a platform with tools to help users create memes and gifs in a matter of minutes.

It has an option to share your creation on social media


LogoGarden is a free online logo creator tool. It has been used to create over two million logos


It includes a huge collection of thousands of icons , this helps users create amazing and personalized logos.

There is an Option to change the colors and the font style.

After you create the logo , you can download it as a vector graphics or hi-res images.

Logotype Maker

Logotype Maker is a simple and intuitive online logo creation tools which provide simple step by step process to help you create a custom logo for your brand.


Enter brand name, a suitable category, and a color scheme.

Choose a template out of hundreds of default designs.

Now tweak different layers of the logo including graphic elements, text, and color, to create your custom logo.

Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft, primarily an online tool for website creation . It now offers users a provision to create a custom logo for free.


User friendly and easy to use with lots of icons and design elements to design your logo.

It is completely customizable with the option to change color and text with different font styles.

It has a preview option that lets users visualize logo creation in business cards, websites, clothing.

Simple Image Resizer

Simple Image Resizer is an online tool . It is useful for resizing an image without worrying about losing image quality.


It helps reduce or increase image size based on requirement

You can resize images based on required dimensions.

You can choose different file format for the image including .png, .jpg, .gif

Enhance By Hootsuite

Enhance is a photo editor from Hootsuite . It delivers tools and options to create social media images


It provides access to thousands of images to use for your social media campaigns.

It helps users to crop images to match the perfect dimensions of the social media platform

It provides a lot of editing options . This includes support for adding filters, borders, stickers, text. Also use it for watermarks

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