5 Interesting Ways to Use Google AdWords – Effective marketing strategy

What is Google Ads?

Can you imagine being able to reach your shopper the minute they go online and search for the products or services? That’s when you enter google ads. Google ads is an advertising platform created by google that allows marketers to show the clickable ads- sponsored links and google search results. While using paper click system, the advertisers bid on specific keywords that they want shown up in the page search results. Google ads also allow you to promote and advertise all your products and services whenever the users search for any relevant keywords. When done right, google ads has the potential to turbocharge sales and leads of your business.

Using google ads might already become your best decision for the success of your business organization. Not an exaggeration!

People use google to search 3.5 billion times a day. Each and every search offers and creates opportunities for your brand to get in front of more users.

Why advertise on Google Adwords?

There are a lot of business owners and marketers out there who have definitely hard about google AdWords but aren’t sure how it can work for them. Google ads and Google’s enormously successful paper click advertising system works for almost every type of business regardless of its size. Using google AdWords requires money and time, thousands of businesses have experienced that it is money and time well spent as it delivers measurable ROI.

If you have never used google AdWords before, and if you are wondering if it’s not worthwhile, here are a few reasons for you to use google AdWords– for a successful business.

Google ads is scalable

One of the most challenging thing for any marketer is finding the lead sources that scale. This means that it doesn’t need ten times the effort to get ten times the leads. To create a google ads campaign that converts at a profitable rate, one need not shell out too much money for it. By increasing your pay-per-click budget and your leads, your profits will increase accordingly. Google ads is hence highly scalable and this is the reason why few of the business organizations spend millions of dollars a year on google ads.

Google ads has flexible reach

The flexible reach in google ads is a setting within that allows your business to either target or observe the performance of few specific placements, audiences, topics, genders, parental statuses, ages, and household incomes. While audience settings can be set at either campaign level or ad group level, any other settings can be set to observing and targeting at the ad group level. Adjusting the flexible reach is far easier and this method allows you to bulk edit campaigns and ad groups all at once, something that cannot be accomplished with UI. Google AdWords is also flexible in the sense that it has customizable options for your campaigns that suit your needs in particular. For example, adwords can be used for:

Specific keyword match types

Ad extensions

Narrowing your audience

Leveraging the display network

Access to non-search sites.

Faster than SEO

The case with google AdWords is, it doesn’t take months before you notice any results, unlike SEO. With google AdWords, once your AdWords campaign goes live, your ads will appear and you will get instant results, insights, and information like the visitor data. This will not only result in immediate money, but also because of its speed, you will have time left to discover how effective your keywords are that can be used to construct an effective SEO campaign. Google ads is not only a cost effective solution but is also influenced by your bid and quality score, while the frequency of your ads depends on your budget.

Engaging your customers

Google has intensified the efforts to keep upgrading and improving google AdWords over the years. In recent times they have released many new ad formats, most of them notably being product listing ads and unsurprisingly video ads on YouTube. Engaging ad formats like in-video YouTube ads, make way for more comments, likes, reach and inadvertently clicks. This means more revenue for your company which in turn means more revenue for Google. Google is motivated to do so because, shinier and more engaging ads get more number of clicks and higher click rate is good for the advertiser too. Therefore, taking advantage of these new ad formats and extensions has been proven to be profitable for business organizations.

Competitors are using Google ads

The old ‘everyone else is doing it so why don’t you?’ argument is back. Finally, there’s peer pressure! Once your google ads account is structured well, you can think about optimizing it further- with direct competitive advertising. Gaining more brand awareness and converting a consumer into a potential customer is better achieved with the help of the competitive analysis of google AdWords.

Google AdWords is no joke when it comes to driving fast, easy and simple sales. The google AdWords platform has something for business of all types and sizes with different available budgets, different advertising goals and different target audiences. In a world of seemingly endless google searches- 2+ trillion searches per year, wouldn’t you drop a bucket in to see how much revenue you can haul up?

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