7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important for Every Business

About 51% of the world’s population that is 3.96 billion people are active users on social media accounts in 2020. Social media marketing first started with businesses posting their content on social media platforms to generate traffic to their corresponding websites online. But, over time, social media marketing for online business has grown far beyond our imagination. It’s not just a place to broadcast content.

What is social media marketing? Why is it important for online businesses?

Importance of Social Media Marketing is the action of creating content to endorse your services or products on social media networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.…

Social media is now the most influential and biggest virtual space where the platform is not only for networking but also a great way to promote your business/brands digitally.

Social media marketing listening is a powerful way to reach potential prospects and customers for businesses of any kind or size. Your customers directly interact with your brand online on various platforms of social media. If you are not doing this, you are seriously missing out!

Great marketing on social media brings your business remarkable success, increasing brand awareness, generating traffic and driving leads and sales online.

What are Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing?

Let us go through the most influential social media platforms’ unique user base and environment for marketing online.

Facebook being the world’s largest social networking site, its massive audience is highly coveted by online marketing organizations. With the platform housing 2.4 billion monthly active users, the odds that your brand’s target audience not being present on Facebook is almost nil. Facebook’s user-friendly environment and casual nature help boost your organic reach tremendously.

Twitter is equally effective when marketing is done right. Popularity, engagement and 186 million daily active users on Twitter worldwide works wonders for B2B and B2C industries.

To increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, maintain public relations, to deliver fruitful customer service experiences,

There are about 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram making it the second most accessed network after Facebook.

83% of Instagram users say that it has helped them discover new brands/ products/services.

This platform allows you to promote your brand and your products in a friendly, authentic way while engaging them at the same time with your content.

LinkedIn is the most used professional networking platform that enables organizations and individuals with similar interests/intentions to connect. With around 675 million monthly active users worldwide, LinkedIn creates opportunities for building B2B relationships, business development and employment marketing online.

Over 2 billion logged-in monthly users worldwide, YouTube is the number one for creating and posting video content. YouTube helps to increase brand awareness, entertainment and how-to videos that add the benefit of ranking on the video search results of Google

Why Social Media Marketing is important?

Social media marketing may seem a little overwhelming, but the importance of social media marketing cannot be overstated. 97% of the marketers are using social media for their business purposes and 78% of the salespeople outsell their competition with the help of social media for their businesses. In addition to all these benefits, it extends far beyond the increasing number of sales too!

There’s evidently a disconnect between those who use social media for marketing and those who don’t. 50% of small businesses are not using social media to promote their businesses. And this definitely an alarming number.

If you are also one of them, it is high time, you shift your focus!

Reasons why you should consider social media marketing for your online business are:

Social Listening Analysis – How to connect with the audience?

Social listening is analyzing the trends and conversations not only around your brand but also your whole industry.  Monitoring your brand’s social media platforms and gaining insights on your customer feedback, direct mentions, brand discussions, competitors to act accordingly

Building Loyalty

Have you ever thought of building brand loyalty for free? Yes! Interact and engage with your audience on social media channels and your brand is likely to be loyal to your audience already. It is as simple as it seems! If a customer follows your social media channel and likes your posts, it’s obvious that the customer would buy your product and not your competitor’s.

Increasing your Brand Awareness

Sharing the content related to your brand, your products, your services on social media channels has the potential to increase your brand awareness.

Social media has been proven to increase your brand awareness by an increase in engagement with your audience. Comments, likes, posts, re-posts, shares, followers include engagement on social media platforms. It boosts traffic straight to your website and increases sales too!

Increase in traffic

Inspire your audience with catchy and attention-seeking content or visuals related to your brand and make the first impressions the best ones for your customers. Overall, 4% of website visits are from social media and 5% from mobile visits. Your social media traffic ought to be a pillar to your highway infrastructure. It can be a major source of driving traffic to your website


That’s right! Social media marketing for online businesses is almost free! It’s absolutely free to create profiles and share content online. If you want to go a little further, you might want to pay for a promotion that will increase your brand exposure part of it. But overall, it’s pretty inexpensive!

Creative Advertising

Let’s admit that no one is on social networking sites to buy products/services. So, for your brand to grab the attention of your audience, you might make them want to buy your product/service. Make your ads creatively and place them on your platforms.

Let the ad do the work.

Keep tabs on your competitors

Social media is the best way to keep tabs on your competitors as to their tactics, promotion content, offers, campaigns, interaction with their followers, etc. and keep up your business marketing strategies.

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