Affiliate Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide to Balance Your Business

Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in tapping into the billion-dollar industry of affiliate marketing? Understand what and how affiliate marketing works – complete guide

What is affiliate marketing? – A Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is promoting the products of other companies. Earning commission when someone buys through the affiliate link on your end is broadly defined as affiliate marketing.

By spreading the responsibilities of product marketing and creation across the third parties, Affiliate Marketing manages to leverage the abilities of every type of individual for more efficient and effective marketing strategies while providing the contributors with a share of their profit.

Affiliate Marketing – Starter Guide

Basically, there are two types of affiliate marketing equations that could interest you, assuming that building a network such as a commission junction is what you are looking for.

– Becoming a merchant and having others to promote your product and in exchange, giving them a commission for the sales of the product or service offered


– Becoming an affiliate marketer for one more product that you would be interested in promoting and marketing to the customers in order to make money.

From solo entrepreneurs to small start-ups to huge business organizations, anyone can be the merchant behind this affiliate marketing program. Nobody needs to be actively involved in this process if you have a product to sell. At the end of the day, your main goal is to find affiliate marketers who will reach untapped markets.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

To those on the outside, affiliate marketing and the inner workings of these programs can look confusing and mysterious. The structure of affiliate marketing works on real relationships and transparency, and not on off-transactions as the overall goal of this program is creating a win-win framework for both affiliate partners and brands. This structure is established properly and has made up a significant portion of a brand’s revenue with high ROAS and low CPA. The following is how affiliate marketing works step by step:

  • Affiliate partners promote the products or services of the brand on their site.
  • The consumer then clicks on the promotion of the brand on the site of the affiliate partners while a cookie is stored on the browser. This is what makes it possible for marketers to track the progress of consumers through the shopping cart.
  • After the consumer is re-directed to the website of the brand, the consumer purchases the products or services from the brand.
  • Now, the SaaS platform automatically pays out the commission to the affiliate marketer for driving that one sale.

Affiliate marketing is considered to be much more advantageous to business organizations when compared to traditional pay-per-click advertising. As an affiliate marketer, you get paid for your performance. The following are the three types of performance-based models that are common to affiliate marketing:-

PPCPay per click: An affiliate marketer gets paid for all the valid clicks on the website that are generated if or not these clicks resulted in sales or leads

PPL – Pay per lead: Business organizations pay a fixed commission for every qualified lead a click generated. The qualified actions also include things like app installations, free trial sign-ups, online form submissions, or completion or surveys.

PPS – Pay per sale: Paying a percentage of all the sales that are considered to be the qualified ones. The percentage is agreed upon prior by the business organizations and its affiliate marketer.

What can Affiliate Marketing do for you?

Affiliate marketing offers many benefits at once and one of which is ease. The marketing side of building a product or a service and educating the customers becomes very simple process with affiliate marketing. Worrying about developing, supporting or fulfilling offers can be forgotten with this process as affiliate marketing also is low risk.

Initially, you will have to invest a little amount of time creating traffic sources so that the affiliate links continue delivering a stable and steady paycheque. Relatively generating passive income via commissions seems like an ideal money-making scenario. Doesn’t it?

Earning income with an affiliate marketing approach could be a rewarding method to add a new source of income without risking too much. All that it costs you is your TIME. Invest in time and reap the rewards.

The products or services that are best suited for affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing changes and evolves with market trends.

Some of the popular products that work for affiliate marketing include:

  • Fashion Apparel
  • Computer Accessories
  • Health & Wellness Products
  • Insurance Services
  • Car Accessories
  • Protein Shakes & Bottles
  • Bicycle Accessories & Add-ons
  • Backpacks

Simply identifying the one big thing – your audience needs to reach the goals makes your whole marketing approach easier. Choose a great product that you genuinely believe in its worth before continuing with the process of affiliate marketing that works. Share a success story and provide lots of valuable content that helps educate, reach your readers or audience.

All your efforts and time will pay you back with that sweet cha-ching of the commissions of affiliate marketing pay cheque credited to your bank.

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