Author: Sagarika

Competitor's Backlink

Proven Methods On How To Find Your Competitors Backlinks?

“Work Smarter Not Harder” we have often apprehended this statement from peers, and today we are going to take this affirmation to a whole new level. We are going to find competitor’s backlinks through a myriad of ways. Think of your top competition right now. Everyone has one! Why do you think you need competitors […]
personal branding in linkedin

Personal Branding in LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide

Personal Branding in LinkedIn has become the most preferred choice for personal branding for B2B marketers over the years; it is the third most used convivial platform for businesses and marketers alike. LinkedIn has crossed Facebook as the most crucial platform for B2B companies. Virtually 21% of B2C marketers prefer LinkedIn, and around 41% of […]
digital marketing in healthcare industry

Digital Marketing Relevance in the Healthcare Industry

  If there were just two words to describe digital marketing, it would be ‘zestful’ and ‘spirited.’ Digital Marketing is continuously developing every day. It is marinating every feasible and viable industry in becoming a very settled choice of several corporations and companies. This is how digital marketing in the healthcare industry is infusing to […]

Steps to a Successful SEO for Health Care Provider

SEO is Search Engine Optimization; in simple terms it is the way people find you through the internet. SEO helps your business to appear in search engines like Google. Moreover, it helps your business to appear higher in the ranks of search engine results page. This rank is crucial for you as a health practitioner […]