Cultural social media insights in India


Attaining mastery in the culture of the Indian subcontinent is definitely not a breezy walk in the park. The Indian culture is a mixed bag with all the major religions of the world present here. There is a dominance of traditions and rituals with an emergence of change and acceptance. There are Hindus awaiting Christmas and Muslims relishing Holi. India is the birthplace of the most rational game Chess with the wide belief of black cats being a bad omen.Assigning a collective term to the wide Indian audience is not a wise thing to do.

India is changing rapidly as it is a country dominated by the youth. More than half of India’s population is below the age of 25, which is a major reason behind the major shift taking place in the way things work and are perceived. The youth is majorly responsible for the evolution of social media.

Understanding the Indian audience that is diverse: It gives valuable Social Media Insights

The great digital shift and the evolution of social media have impacted the user behaviour immensely. There are multiple social media trends that keep circulating online, but not all receive the same amount of attention and acceptance. This change in the graph can be utilised as social media insights by the brands to get hold of the preferences of the audience.

Significance of doing research on the audience and market before running a campaign:

Research gives confidence as it helps you uncover some amazing facts about your audience. Every brand has a unique objective and unique products/services which are catered to a specific audience. It is important to do both primary and secondary level research around the target audience. The minute study of the demographic and psychographic will prove to be helpful to manifest effective social media marketing ideas.

Social media trends also keep changing very frequently and lack of research can be detrimental to the growth of your campaigns as you might end up creating social media posts that are out dated.

Major Indian cultural insights: Related Social Media Insights for the brands

  1. The feeling of Oneness and co-existence

Indians might be different in a plethora of aspects. They have beliefs that are poles apart but the common ground is the respect which they have for all the customs and beliefs of their own country. The citizens love a peaceful atmosphere that has inclusivity.

Takeaway for the brands: All the brands and small businesses should avoid the use of content that could prove to be offending or demeaning to any cultural belief or religious practice. Some social media trends can be irrelevant to a brand’s personality and they shall be eliminated wisely. Ads should portray the unity among various regions, languages and rituals.

  1. Great Enthusiasm for festivities

Indians are always on their toes for celebrations and this is a great social media insight. All the festivals are celebrated with great energy and charm in India. People plan their festivals way ahead so they do not miss out on something. The expenditure that happens during the festivals is comparatively lot more than any other occasion. Impulse buying happens a lot at such times.

Takeaway for the brands: The marketers should mark the important festivals and occasions before it arrives so they get ample time to work upon social media marketing ideas on these topics. All the festivals are not necessarily celebrated at a uniform scale all over the country and therefore the targeting should be region specific.

  1. Family values are present all across the nation.

India is known for family values and joint families. The concept of nuclear families and living alone is still new and is penetrating but is not a way of life yet. Even though families live apart, they are constantly in touch and celebrate festivals and some special days together.

Takeaway for the brand: Consider big brands advertising in India and you will notice a similarity, it is always about family or a family member. Be it Kurkure, Tanishq or Maggi, all of them incorporate family values or spending time with family factor in their ads as it works well here. The evolution of social media is being understood and accepted by all generations today.

  1. Symbols and colours have different connotations in different states

The unity in diversity concept is true but not always. There are certain symbols that can be a sign of luck in some state and a bad omen in others. A specific colour can mean very different things in different states.
Takeaway for the brands: There are chances that you might have beliefs very different from your target audience. India is a diverse land and you should do the local research about the local beliefs so you don’t end up with the wrong message.

Make Use of Important dates & celebrations in India: Social Media Tips

There are a few auspicious occasions that are celebrated with the same level of excitement and preparations all around and brands should leverage the most out of them by publishing facts , tips or even offers at these times.

Indians all across celebrate three National festivals which are Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. On these days holiday is observed and people avail sales and discounts from many brands and are quite active on social media.

Though India has a lot of different religions and respective festivals but certain specific festivals that have surpassed the boundary of religion and caste and are celebrated unanimously all around. Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Holi and Raksha Bandhan are festivals that bring and keep the nation strong together. This is a great social media insight for all marketers in India to grow and reach a wider audience.


The basic understanding is that India thrives on a wide range of cultures and values. All the brands trying to establish their social media presence first need to understand and segment their target audience. And then accordingly they need to study the traits, behaviour and beliefs of their audience in order to design social media campaigns that go viral. Social media sentiment analysis gives the brands the opportunity to discover the perception of the audience about their brand and helps them measure the marketing campaigns. It will help the brands understand their customers even better to serve them what they need and like.

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