Enhance Your Visibility On The Social Media Platforms

Are you using social media platforms to promote your products? Do you want to build your network and boost leads and conversions? If yes, you need to increase your social media reach. For most businesses, the ultimate benefit of creating social media presence is generating leads.

However, in order to make social media an effective lead generation machine, social media reach must be increased. A key metric for measuring the success of your online business, it can take your business to a notch higher. It is the core of social media content strategy.

What is Social Media Reach?

Do you want to improve the awareness of your brand with the help of your social media page? One of the several social media metrics, social media reach is a measure of the audience who see the content posted on the social media platform. Marketing departments measure social media reach during the planning and evaluation stages of campaigns in order to understand whom their content is reaching. The more social media reach you have, the more leads would be generated.

Tips to Increase Your Social Media Reach?

Today, social media platforms are pushing companies towards paid ads and promotions in order to boost their social media strategy. But you can also make the most of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram without investing loads of money.

Some of the ways to increase your social media reach are:

  1. Understand social media algorithms: Before getting into a social media marketing campaign, you must understand each platform you are planning to use. Understanding the basics of each social platform will let you to get the most out of each social media network. It is also important for you to understand how each platform’s algorithm works: 
  • Facebook: A greater emphasis on content has been put from friends and family in Facebook. This has made it difficult for brands to get their posts appear on the viewer’s news feed. The change was made in order to promote content that encourages ‘meaningful interactions’ from the users. Meaningful interactions include comments and shares and are more meaningful compared to likes as they require more action from the user. Comments have been listed as the top-ranking factors in Facebook’s new algorithm. Therefore, it is important for you to prioritise content that will spark conversations amongst your audience.
  • Twitter: Twitter focuses on promoting content in real-time and is different from Facebook as it is not fully algorithmic. However, it displays the ‘top’ tweets at the top of your timeline along with the ‘In case you missed it’ section. Here, engagement plays a key role in why posts are displayed here. The more engagement a post receives on Twitter, the higher would be its chance to appear on your followers’ ranked tweets.
  • Instagram: Instagram has shifted from the chronological feed and has put focus on engagement. Posts receiving a higher level of engagement are considered to be of great quality. Therefore, these are rewarded by Instagram. The more engagement a post receives on Instagram, the higher would be its chance to appear on your followers’ news feeds.
  1. Optimize your social media platforms:

    It is important to optimize your social media platform to increase visibility. Here’s a list of ways to ensure your profiles are optimized –

  • Use an easy-to-remember username. You can try to make it close to your brand name.
  • Use an easily recognizable logo or image.
  • Write a keyword-rich bio.
  • Include a trackable link back to your website.

While optimizing your social profiles, it’s important to ensure consistency across each network. This will make your profile easily recognizable. You can use the same image of the company logo, and username across all accounts. 

  1. Focus on user-generated content:

    User-generated content like peer reviews for your brand is a great player. The larger the number of users circulating your content, the better would be your chance to improve your social reach.

Starting hashtag campaigns can be a great idea. Creating a new hashtag for your brand, ask your audience to post content featuring your brand or products. It is also important to add the campaign hashtag in the captions.

  1. Conduct live streaming sessions:

    Live-streaming of content can increase your social media reach. Real-time engagement becomes seamless with live videos. Live videos are interactive and help to improve your brand’s engagement to a large extent. The better the engagement, the more your content would be viewed.

Conducting interactive live streams is important as you can compel your audience to react and comment. This is a trick to pep up your social media strategy.

  1. Develop informative social media content:

    Creating high-quality and informative content is a mandate to improve search engine results as these posts have a greater impact, especially on Facebook. Your audience would want to avoid any post that could be seen as spam like those that receive negative feedback.

Your content must be more than just a marketing copy. Your content should provide something of real value to your followers. It should be informative and well-written.

  1. Create relevant social media content for your target audience:

    Besides developing a high-quality content, it is essential to keep in mind the demographics and behavior of your target audience. Your audience would see your post, like it, and share it to spread your social media reach.

You do not always have to just write posts about your business, but it should remain aligned to your area of expertise or industry.

  1. Interact and stay engaged with your followers:

    Interaction and engagement with your followers increase your reach in social media. You can attract people by replying to comments of your followers.

You can also directly interact with them through question-and-answer sessions and polls. By asking questions within your posts, you are inviting your followers to reply to your content, initiating a further discussion. In addition to this, if someone has commented on your post, you can continue the conversation and reply. This will encourage others to get involved with the conversation and will be a great way to build a good reputation for your brand.

  1. Cross-promote your social media platforms

    : Display your social media platforms on your website, your business cards, the signature on your emails and so on. As a business owner, you would want your presence to be known everywhere. This will ultimately increase your reach on social media. 

  1. Post evergreen content:

    A post on social media, especially on giants like Twitter or Facebook, can have a widely varied lifespan. It is advisable not to publish content with a due date. This helps to increase your social media reach. Try to consider solving common and persistent problems in your industry. Humor, can be a great emotion to target evergreen content.

  1. Post during slow hours:

    Finding the perfect time to post on social media is quite a task! Here are some tips –

  • What’s the best time to post on Facebook? – According to research, the best time to post on Facebook is after lunchtime (12 noon to 3 pm). Posts published during this period often receive a higher number of clicks, likes, comments, and shares.
  • What’s the best time to post on Twitter? – Like Facebook, midday is considered to be the best time to post on Twitter. However, few research has also shown that posting early on Twitter works the best, preferably between 10 am to noon.
  • What’s the best time to post on Instagram? – Lunchtime and evenings are considered the perfect times to post on Instagram. During these times, most people use Instagram as per research.
  1. Use more images in social media posts:

    If you are still not clear with the question of how to increase organic reach on social media, here’s a tactful tip. Add more images to your posts. Visuals attract people more than text. Hence, adding images increase the chance of users seeing the post. Additionally, Facebook prioritise images and videos. Therefore, these posts have a higher rating than posts that contain only text.

  1. Include hashtags and influencers:

    Include hashtags or reference influencers to your posts. This helps more with Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags enable people to search certain topics. By posting at or referencing to an influencer, there is a chance that they might re-post it and more people can see the post.

  1. Call to action:

    While posting on social media, you must include a call to action that acts like a driving force. This does not mean that you would ask fans to like or share the post, or even click the link. Instead, you can ask open-ended questions like ‘how many of you are ready to join’, ‘what are you waiting for’ and so on. Your fans would answer by sharing, liking, or commenting.

Increasing reach on social media is all about optimization, user experience, and high-quality content. It takes an effective strategy that helps you to have higher ratings and a broader social media reach. Are you still unsure about how to increase organic reach on social media? The digital marketing experts at Digitalscool can help you out!

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