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About Devika

Devika has gained 9 years of experience in Content Marketing, Corporate Communication & Social Media Strategy. With qualities of willingness to learn, diligence, attention to detail, and translating ideas into words quickly, Devika helps organizations increase growth and revenue through concerted efforts in Content Marketing and Branding.

With diverse industry experience, she has experimented with different roles such as Administration Management, HR Management, Logistics, and Financial Sales, prior to choosing Content Writing as a career.

Creating a healthy work-life balance, she has successfully published 3 books titled ‘7 Vows of Marriage’, ‘The Mind Game’ and ‘Reminiscence’. All of them have received critical acclaim on Amazon. She also pursues other hobbies such as theater, music, and dance.



Content Marketing

  1. How do you stay on top of changes in the content marketing industry?

The recipe is quite simple. I follow the leading industry influencers, analyze trending hashtags, keep an eye on the pulse of the audience through news, also I never fear the risks that come along experimenting with new content. Hit and trial methods works best in the initial stages of your career as a content marketer. Once, you gain experience you become smart and start coming up with innovative techniques to understand what the audience wants to know.

  1. Which metrics do you look at when measuring the success or failure of a content marketing campaign?

There are various metrics that I think are crucial to judge the success or failure of the content that I put out to the audience.

Unique Impressions, Visitor Demographics, Engagement Rate, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and Follower Insights are some important ones.

  1. How does marketing without talking about or promoting our product/service help us create leads and sales?

It helps in creating thought leadership and you develop a niche for your company. It is very important to build a reliable relationship with your customers and this way of marketing creates a trust factor in the minds of the people.They start believing in your potential and rely on you to get an answer for the questions that they have regarding the said topic.

  1. Content marketing is ongoing – how do you sustain momentum? 

New tools of content marketing are introduced frequently. I spend time to understand the working principle of these tools to get accustomed with the techniques and only after the detailed analysis I create content for the specific platforms. Creating content that stands out and engages with the audience is quite a job and demands consistent effort.

I usually read about industry insights and also interact with fellow marketers to understand the process and break the monotony.

  1. What is the biggest challenge in the industry at the moment? And how do you stay updated on the latest tools and trends?  

Plagiarism is the biggest challenge. Competition is a good motivator. There are tools to analyze competition and check plagiarism. For personal feed, I read articles published on Content Marketer Institute (CMI), Huffington Post, Forbes magazine, CIO Review, Tech Target etc. for latest industry updates.

  1. How do you reach an audience that isn’t looking at your source as content?

Instead of direct sales, we try to establish our company’s position as a thought leader and focus on why our company is the best choice for the customers.

  1. What according to you is relevant content and how to segment the audiences for proper targeting?

Relevant content is one that communicates your company’s value proposition to the end customers. Content creation changes with the stages of marketing. For example, in the inception stage, a company must make itself heard and announce that the customers have a new option to buy from. The strategy will change as the company evolves.

You must clearly understand the buyer persona before thinking of a content strategy. Key insights to study – follower base, demographics, buying behavior, industry information, engagement rate etc.

  1. How should companies deal when other companies plagiarize their original content?

The world is technically much advance today and we have multiple ways to avoid plagiarism.

Companies can use Report/Block feature on LinkedIn. The second feasible option is to identify the offender and communicate with them to remove the post. You can keep your employees notified to call out the plagiarized posts on LinkedIn to establish your authenticity.

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