How is Chatbot different and beneficial from Live chat?

How is Chatbot different and beneficial from Live chat?

Nowadays people need instant and crisp answers for their query. Whether in real life or on the internet, they prefer immediate answers to their questions. Creating a good impression is a must in business. Every interaction matter, if you miss one crucial opportunity, the customer might never look back towards you.
Chat gives customers a level of engagement and satisfaction. Now the question arises why chatbots are winning over live chats?

What is Chatbot?
The chatbot is a computer program designed to conduct a conversation via the audio and textual form with the customer over the internet. Chatbots are limited, but they can still be interactive. They are powered by Artificial Intelligence, i.e. operate without human supervision.

What is Live chat?
Live chat allows the customers visiting the website to directly interact with the human representative of the company. Having a live chat is great if the company has efficient resources to handle it. A human agent is trained to handle the complex queries, more likely is able to cater to customer needs.

Difference between Chatbot and Live chat

  • A Chatbot is fully automated, it’s not the same with live chat.
  • A Chatbot can take care of all the basic queries and support issues but for deep consultation and support live chat is preferred.
  • Chatbots are limited but live chats are not.
  • Chatbots cannot fake human-based customer service, live chat can.

How is Chatbot beneficial from Live chat?

  • You can have a consistent chat for a long run without any human effort from the other side, it saves time and energy as well.
  • Many websites use chatbots to drive engagement without any human intervention.
  • The chatbot is answerable to hundreds of customers at the same time.
  • It reduces customer service costs.
  • The availability of chatbots never disappoints since it is available 24/7/365.

Live or automated, remember the preference for chat continues to grow, considering chatbots and live chats for interaction customer conversation plays a crucial role in business growth. Chatbots powered by AI with unlimited conversation ability is what we are looking for as a future prospectus.

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