Proven Methods On How To Find Your Competitors Backlinks?

Competitor's Backlink

“Work Smarter Not Harder” we have often apprehended this statement from peers, and today we are going to take this affirmation to a whole new level. We are going to find competitor’s backlinks through a myriad of ways.

Think of your top competition right now. Everyone has one!

Why do you think you need competitors backlinks when you are a small bijou company and your competitors are way beyond your league. Well exactly why because every business has something in common: A strong competition and it is in our power to learn from them topple them with our hard work and efforts.

How to find your Competitors Backlinks?

Go to google and type your Primary keyword- The keyword meant to rank you.

Closely monitor the results of the first page in Google SERPs; where are your competition? Are they located there on the first page of the SERPs?

If they are on the first page, envisage the humongous amount of traffic they get to their website for that keyword.

Well, you can get the same traffic to your website from your competitor’s backlinks.They must have put in a lot of effort, and you can sweep in some benefits by a clean quick streak.

It would be best if you used the strategy of noting down top competitors from the Google SERPs because you want to reap the benefits off your competitor’s backlinks and audience.Imagine having all the goodness of those websites- the link juices will be commending you.

Are you ready to sweep in competitor’s backlinks?

We all dream of pushing our website to the mighty first pages of Google; it is a highly plausible goal if we use proper strategies. Monitoring your competition is the first step to climbing the stairs of success and filling in the gaps you may have in your plan. The tool of data analysis too helps you improve your content and strategy.

Once you use backlinks from the significant rank holders of Google, google too will be astounded by your page, and this will, in turn, improve your visibility, and you will be fully equipped to climb the throne by de crowning your competitor’s backlinks.

Are backlinks still relevant?

That is a big YES!!

Backlinks are very much relevant, and it is a simple answer as backlinks make up a significant aspect of ranking factor, and Google still uses the Penguin Algorithm, which has been in use since the year 2012.

If you want to fish out the backlinks, there are various tools to do so, and some include:

  1. Ah refs
  2. SEMrush
  3. Majestic

Spy out your Competitors Backlinks :

There are few steps to follow to get your competitors backlinks:

The first way is to list your top three competitors and drown yourself in finding your competitor’s backlinks. They will have thousands of backlinks, and you need to chew only the best ones.

Use the three tools mentioned above for fishing out the best. SEMRush is the most popular tool for finding backlinks as it has a good interface and the steps are simple:

  1. Enter the competitor URL in your search box and click on Start Now

  2. Click on the Backlinks section on the left, under which you will see a section for ‘Referring Page’ or tab.

  3. Check which pages are linked on the ‘indexed Pages’ Tab

  4. Compare and analyze

The second step is to sort the .csv file as it is best to have a sorted file with relevant competitors backlinks, i.e., the Backlinks that have the highest Domain Authority and Page Authority.

After you purloin referral traffic and authoritative backlinks from your competitors, your website can gain 20% more traffic.

Competitor backlink analysis and reviewing all the linking sites is vital; you must visit as many sites as possible and learn more about the linking opportunities.

SEMRush creaks down a website’s profile by type and some of them include Text Links, Image Links, Form Links, and out of which text links are the most popular.

Ways in which you can start building quality links:

Guest posts are the most common method for generating backlinks, it may be time overwhelming, but the results are profusely fruitful.

Guest posting is the method of writing content for other websites to get backlinks through attached links in their article.

Search in google for blogs that allow guest blogging; it would be better to find a website within your niche. If you find limited options, you can always track down other fellow bloggers, and also making a few good relationships with people in the same field will help in the long haul. If everything else fails, you can unambiguously email the webmasters requesting them with a blog pitch.

Quality Content

Quality content always trumps the card; if your content is top tier, the readers will pin it. Nowadays, content is being shared around major social media channels.

Create Infographics

Though it might seem overrated and overly imbued, you can still opt for this if your content is worth embedding.

Answer in Forums

Forums like Reedit or Quora are a gem of a place to leave quality backlinks, and there are a lot of traffic on the question & answers platform.

If you want a strong case of competitor’s backlinks in your pocket, it is always better to look for them as they give us a way forward. Analyzing and strategizing is the first step of marketing, and you shouldn’t ever hesitate to check out your competitors.

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