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What is SEO and why is it important?

One of the biggest questions asked by our clients is what is SEO and SEO writing? How does it help our business? For a business to start a digital presence, search engine optimization can sound a little intimidating. Fun fact before you get your brief: “SEO” gets between 10k – 100k searches on Google every month! Yes!

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a sustainable process of optimizing website content to increase organic traffic to your sites.

This involves too many tactics to increase your visibility or your website rankings to be precise. For the great content you have, you might not really able to reach the primary goal of improving Google ranking! Nevertheless great content has been the core digital marketing value since forever. But we don’t want your content to be lost somewhere on page 50 of search results. In the same way, imagine what your business can do after the practice of increasing google rankings! Great content with SEO tools to rank your website. Bingo!

What is SEO writing?

Well.. we all have heard the phrase “Content is the king” like a million times but is content really the king if the algorithm behind it doesn’t follow the same? Nah! SEO content writing is not a singular process. SEO writing is the implementing of keywords within the content on the web to increase website ranking or keyword ranking.

Glancing at a set of keywords, you ought to understand what the other person searching for those phrases is looking for

It’s a delicate art of placing the keywords in your content for more visibility and reach. Writing SEO friendly content which meets the requirement of your searcher should be among top rankings which is a win-win situation for great content if you have SEO content writing basics is like basic marketing. Put your customer first, no matter what! Let it be a blog, an article, any description, think of your audience/customers and try to connect with them mentally and digitally *_*

Our SEO Content Writing Mantra:

Creative Content + Solid SEO keywords = SEO Content

How does SEO writing help?

If your website has higher rankings on Google, the more chances of people landing on your web page. And of course, more visits mean more conversion rates or more loyal readers.

While the internet puts the whole world at our fingertips, we are just a few clicks away from getting any information we want.

Likewise, when people go online to view something or to buy a product or a service or review the same, SEO friendly content plays a very major part.

SEO writing basically has a very high potential to generate sales. Any kind of sale!

Why capitalize on content?

If your readers go through the SEO friendly content and every element of your webpage is incredibly readable, the audience stays. They read. And this is what we call SEO Content Strategy. When the audience stays and reads, SEO content makes your page look amazing to Google. Win-win again!

The SEO content has to be rich in detail, conveying appropriately from nose to tail.

Make your SEO content a well-defined process while keeping the text as simple and straight as possible. While SEO content strategy does half the work easy, the other part is strong content. Compelling content creates a chance for you to position yourself to the audience as a thought leader.

As the research suggested, most of the users only click on the top five to ten results on the google search result page. When the marketing messages or articles are meeting the consumer’s wants then your content can be called strong and compelling. Not everyone is good at writing, but you can get better at SEO content with practice.

Let SEO Content that speaks your brand!

Writing SEO friendly content means offering advice, shedding some industry experience and the most important aspect of any content writing: keep the audience entertained and engaged. This will make sure that the readers will come back to read on your site, time and again. All these extra effort results in an increase of google rankings. Top the google rankings and you are already ruling the damn world!

To strengthen the SEO campaign, original content that generates traffic while entertaining or offering information is the key.

Consumers always want memorable, relevant and customized experiences and while this is your sales tactic, a strong SEO content strategy has the most significant role to play.

Your SEO content has to straddle both practical and emotional and back to your brand messaging and benefits.

As all of us by now might have understood that content is the king……but not without the algorithm in the digital world we live in. And there’s absolutely no doubt that the future of good content will be enormously impacted by SEO and increased google rankings now!

Dominate your competitors, satisfy your readers and rule the world already!

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