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What is Marketing Automation? Why do you require it?

Marketing is an intensive process which includes many repetitive tasks that consume time and hinders the operational efficiency. Marketing Automation helps increase efficiency and saves time by managing such tasks.

After a certain period, a business grows to a point when it becomes humanly impossible to follow up with individual clients and leads. This is where Marketing Automation comes to the rescue.

Marketing Automation gives you tools that help to keep track of leads, nourishing them and keeping them satisfied, eventually watering your business to new growth and heights. Marketing Automation helps increase efficiency and saves time by managing such tasks.

Marketing Automation Service in San Francisco & Toronto

Our Marketing Automation Agency

Our designers are specialist is UX design; we understand how to use tools appropriately and enhance your marketing and sales.

Many visitors may visit your website, but may not have made their minds up for your services. We can use the tools in Marketing Automation to engage with them until they are ready to take the first step.

We use strategies to sustain Marketing Automation to your marketing goals.

  • Define and present your goals.
  • Create process visualizations.
  • Analyze your target audience
  • Prepare your content strategy.
  • Test, Analyze and Optimize.

How We Do Marketing Automation Services in San Francisco & Toronto

How We Do It

How Our Marketing Automation Works

Our Key Features for Marketing Automation in San Francisco & Toronto

Capture Leads

Email marketing

Social media

Analytics and reporting

SEO, paid media, and digital advertising

Centralizing control

ROI calculation

AI & machine learning

Lifecycle marketing

What It Will Do For You

Marketing automation helps with lead generation, nurturing, drive conversions, along with measuring ROI on campaigns. It also helps in cutting costs across various processes in the organization irrespective of its size. Some areas in which marketing automation can help your organization are

  • Marketing
  • Sales & push notification
  • ROI calculation
  • Brand loyalty
  • Content marketing
  • Sales intelligence
  • Customer relations
  • Customer retention
  • Cut costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Since marketing automation automates all the marketing and sales-related activities, you can spend your valuable time following up with leads.
Marketing automation helps organizations of all sizes.
Marketing automation can help every industry evaluate marketing strategies and excel in result-driven marketing activities.
Yes. Businesses that use marketing automation to obtain and nurture leads experience more than 400% increase in good leads.
Marketing automation provides us with detailed analytic data that helps us measure your marketing efforts to obtain maximum ROI.
It is the process of capturing data about people who visit your website or app. These people could be interested in your product or service.
It is the process of helping your prospective customers to make the right decisions by developing a relationship with them, answering their questions, and helping them throughout their journey.
Sales and marketing automation has seen a sharp increase in demand and growth over the years with organizations incorporating them irrespective of size. It is rapidly evolving too to help businesses reap maximum benefits.
If you have your goals and strategies in place for lead and business development, then yes, your company is at the right stage to go for marketing automation.
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