Personal Branding in LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide

personal branding in linkedin

Personal Branding in LinkedIn has become the most preferred choice for personal branding for B2B marketers over the years; it is the third most used convivial platform for businesses and marketers alike.

LinkedIn has crossed Facebook as the most crucial platform for B2B companies. Virtually 21% of B2C marketers prefer LinkedIn, and around 41% of B2B prefer LinkedIn for consummating their marketing strategies and building personal branding in LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where business owners and marketers can meet like-minded and industry-oriented niches, which narrows down the process and creates connections with people from the same industry, thereby incrementing profile engagement and help building a personal brand on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn increases the chance to be visible on Google’s home page because one can utilize keywords and descriptions according to their industry and target audiences. Once one ranks well on LinkedIn, they can rank better on Google. Personal Branding in LinkedIn with Incremented overtones is a colossal pro for marketers. Personal branding in LinkedIn and social platforms require an effort but give a good standing of the brand in the google search engine pages (SERP’s)

Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn is more of a search engine,a way for personal branding in LinkedIn making it crucial to optimize whatever words you use strategically. It can be a title, description, or even an article; it is essential to use keywords that are relevant and apt to your profile and content. An optimized content makes a lot of difference in being found in the search or being invisible and using personal branding LinkedIn strategies is crucial.

Upsell Yourself

It would help if you up-sold yourself in the description; citing your achievements and upselling yourself is something one should never shy away from if building your brand in LinkedIn is your goal. If you are a social media strategist, instead of mentioning a Social media strategist, you can mention your achievement, for example – Increased the brand’s online visibility by 3X percent. This jargon interests people, and it should always cite the facts and have data to back up your claims to help in building a personal brand on LinkedIn

Gain Perspicacity to the LinkedIn algorithm

LinkedIn’s algorithm can be a little challenging, as it is utterly different from the other social media platforms; however, the mechanism is the same. There is absolutely no reason to keep the profile private; a public profile makes others find your profile in the feed and build connections, which is helpful to personal branding in LinkedIn.

There are specific pointers one can follow to avoid a low-quality score:

  1. It is unnecessary to overshare content and posts as 20 posts per month is enough anything more will lead to a low-quality score; the same way one post per month is less. The key here is to strike a balance.
  2. Always tag companies or people and even a topic that is relevant to the post.
  3. Post content that is a relevant ad and something that people would be interested in.

Acclimatize Your Profile

Since LinkedIn is a platform exclusive to your career and profession, the image should reflect that. The picture should be a square profile picture with 400 x 400 pixels and under 10MB in file size. Minute changes make a massive difference in building your personal brand on LinkedIn.

A simple cover photo can make a massive difference in the overall impression of hiring potential companies. If you are a novelist and a writer, it will make sense to keep a cover photo of a pen and paper; if you are a musician, you can save a guitar, etc.

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendation from trusted people within your networks will help you in the long run and make others laud and eulogize you. Ask for advice after you have completed a course or project for an impactful completion. Always ask for recommendations through an official email or email to talk about specifications, these help a long way in branding yourself on LinkdIn

Choose skills with Ingenuity.

We can also write a generic skill such as writing and editing in different ways so it seems interesting to potential people who are hiring. This is necessary for building a personal brand on LinkedIn

If you are not sure what skills a specific industry is looking for, go to their profile of job opportunities, and you will see the required skill needed; if you have the skills add those to your skill list so that your profile is visible to the brand or company that is hiring.

Show off your skills with SlideShare

SlideShare is an additional feature LinkedIn recently bought that, and it integrates within your account. We can easily trace your work through specific slide shares search or Google; it is an exciting and new way to draw traffic to your website.

Positive and Compelling Content:

Positive and helpful content is key to the grey matter in LinkedIn.

Not every content is suitable for LinkedIn; your content should be professional and apt to be helpful. The content should appeal to the audience and your connections reading it.

Here are tips to help you deliver content that is compelling and high grade for branding yourself in LinkedIn:

  1. Tag the article source and your research guide for the particular article.
  2. Use relevant keywords and hashtags that will help people find your article
  3. Tag people to build engagement.

Partake in Engaging with Groups and Professionals

Engagement is essential in social platforms, engage with peers from the same industry. Learn to talk with them to know and exchange information this way, it is a two-way street, and you both learn more about the current work scenario. Join groups, as it is highly beneficial, groups often have contracts and job postings, and it is perfect for exposure. Comment, start threads, and even offer relevant advice and ask questions as these lead to further engagement and be an active member rather than a silent one.

These are the ways one can use personal branding LinkedIn strategies to build a personal brand on the LinkedIn platform.

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