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Over 80% of digital display marketing in the US is done by programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising is simple terms means the automated buying and selling of digital campaigns rather than buying directly through the publishers. It is AI-based and is done through actual time auctions.

Programmatic advertising technology is altering the approach of how brands network with consumers, contributing a massively creative technique to implement and accomplish an accurate Omnichannel media policy, and accord to a custom-made brand experience established to gain more leads and sales conversions than any other technique of digital display advertising.

  • Programmatic advertising subsists in an extensive choice of digital channels, comprising display, mobile, video, and social.
  • Traditional offline channels are effectively on the path to becoming digitized as well.

How our Programmatic Advertising Agency works in Toronto & San Francisco

We are the leading advertising company in Toronto & San Francisco. So, do we make programmatic advertising work? We use data in forecasting and devising, which ad content is pertinent to a specific consumer. We then present the relevant ad as an impression. The ad aims to entice users enough, so they click on it.

So, by directing relevant ads to precise users, a programmatic advertising agency can augment the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Therefore programmatic advertising works. Programmatic Advertising can identify consumers online through things like:

  • Behavior
  • Engagement level
  • Social engagement
  • Location
  • Time per visit

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Improve Sales by Programmatic Advertising

Over time, the advertising ad spending has been skyrocketed by a whopping four-fold. As marketers and experts in programmatic advertising, we know there is a minuscule window of time to arrest someone’s attention, forget the complications of converting them. With the support of a programmatic advertising agency, you can reach over 90% of your target audience by:

  • Better targeting. It is difficult to find a technology platform that permits you to aim across as many diverse campaigns, across devices.
  • Streamlined campaign management. Merging campaigns in a single system across devices and formats, thus letting you envision your success in one place.
  • Easy entrée to ad catalogs. Publicists are allowed easy entrée to the finest
    catalogs across a multitude of connections at the same time.

What It Will Do For You

DigitalScool has successfully fulfilled programmatic advertising needs in California and beyond-

Improved transparency and control
Through programmatic advertising services, you can observe the client data, such as purchase patterns, surfing customs, brand allegiance in real-time.

Applicable impressions
Programmatic display advertising affords advertisers the chance to discover a comprehensive inventory, which is difficult when ad placements are bought manually.

Programmatic advertising ensures that there is no deferral in the outcome. Such dexterity permits advertisers to gather information more swiftly for evaluating.

Amplified scope
Through programmatic advertising services, advertisers get access to the vast majority of the almost 3.5 billion users who surf the internet regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of ad formats accessible to advertisers, the most prevalent among them being banner ads There are also rich-media ads, push notification ads, video ads, text ads, and native ads. What you should pick hangs on what your preferred advertising platform permits, and what you can advantageously gage. As a programmatic advertising agency, we have experience in handling all ad formats
For starters, programmatic advertising is effectual. You don't require humans watching over your campaigns, because the robots do the dirty work for you. Competent ad buys are more cost-effective, which means you're not only making money — you're at the same time retaining money, too
There are diverse forms of ad fraud. The most common form of ad fraud in mobile advertising is click fraud. A click is said to be deceitful when a computerized script, program, or person clicks on an ad, without having sincere curiosity in the ad. These fake or bot clicks cost advertisers hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is not anything you can generally do to discard click fraud other than not advertising. Your preferred advertising platform should collaborate in tandem with you to identify fake clicks, and the ad tech industry as a whole has to take measures and craft defenses from this type of ad fraud.
Yes. Our experienced team at DigitalScool is available to help you and make sure your campaign performs optimally. We manage everything for you.

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