Spreading Chatbot Love to your Customers

Spreading Chatbot Love to your Customers

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a program that is used to respond to personal queries and messages on the internet instantly. They are designed to engage and respond to incoming messages automatically. Customer service Chatbots can be programmed to adapt and react adequately to fit the specific message. Chatbots can bring customers and companies together.

The value of chatbots
One ideal way to outsmart your competition in today’s highly evolving business world is to automate as many of your processes as possible.
Chatbot services can automate conversations throughout your organization, uniquely designed to fit the specific goals. Below are a few key benefits that businesses can benefit from by incorporating chatbots.

1. Save Time & Money
Companies can reduce resources cost by automating most communications that would have required a team to respond. A significant amount of time can be saved, which can be productively utilized elsewhere.

2. Generate Leads
Customer service Chatbots can be programmed to gather the necessary information and can then segment the audience based on the data collected. Audience segmentation can be done based on factors such as demographics, interests, age, and gender. Study shows us that people prefer to chat to communicate with businesses. This is the reason; the chatbot conversion rate is seen to be higher.

3. Guide Users to Better Outcomes
The fact is that most of the time, customers do not know where to find the information they are looking for. They could be potential customers who have not yet made up their minds and are exploring options. Chatbot service providers can help to program the bots to interact with these people by asking some specific questions that help lead them through their customer journey and, at the same time, provide relevant information.

4. Engage Users in a Customised Process
Customer service Chatbots offer a unique and customized way to engage with customers. Businesses that have not yet incorporated chatbots have to route customer queries either to email or telephone only.

5. Chatbots in financial services
Leading banks and financial services companies globally are planning hard to maximize the benefits of AI-powered chatbots for their organization. The chatbots in financial services assist in checking accounts and tracking daily expenses. The chatbots in financial services make you feel like you have a personal banker at your disposal anytime and anywhere. They even offer investment advice. A chatbot in financial services can help customers navigate the website and help them in applying for a new loan by answering some specific questions.

How to get started with chatbots?

1. Define Your Goal
Before you go about incorporating chatbot services, you need to set clear goals. You need to have clarity on what you would like to accomplish. For example, if your social media team are unable to provide timely and apt replies on a particular platform, you could choose to leverage bots here.

2. Choose Platforms to Leverage
Chatbot service providers can help you choose the platforms that can leverage the benefits of chatbots
• Your website
• Facebook Messenger
• Twitter Direct Message
It is necessary to program the bots as per the platform. For example, if it is designed for your website audience, you know that these people know about your product/service. But consider someone who lands on one of your blog posts. They need to be directed to a specific place that will excite them about your product or service.

3. Build Out Your Content Strategy
Now, you need a content plan. Content plays a huge role in communicating with the visitors and converting them into customers.
FAQs placed at strategic locations help in the customer decision process. Your content strategy should involve planning the questions that your potential customers might need to clarify before making the purchase.

4. Crafting the ChatBot’s Voice
The next step is to plan the chatbot’s personality. You can customize it to resonate with your brand.
Chatbot service providers find that most companies also prefer to give their chatbot a name. This helps show the human side of the brand and makes an instant connection with the visitor. Copywriters in your team could assist in finalizing a voice and personality for your chatbot.

5. Welcome with the right message
The welcome message is the most critical part of the content strategy for engaging users and getting them to respond to your bot. The first message needs to be compelling. They need to set expectations and ask questions.

You could plan this with your copywriters, so it seems more inviting and less robotic.

Set Expectations
You must let the visitors know that they are communicating with a chatbot and at what stage they will be redirected to a real person.

Ask Questions
Once the audience seems interested and have interacted with the customer service chatbot, ask them relevant, specific goal-oriented questions that will help lead them to the right place.

6. Mapping Customer Journeys
Once you request the first few pre-designed questions, it is time to start mapping out how the conversation journey may look further down the lane.

7. Plan the Best Possible Responses
Companies using chatbot services create multiple responses to every question. This way, they are more likely to satisfy the visitor’s needs.

8. Build and plan Conversation Trees
Usually, a few conversations may stop after one question. But a few visitors who might become your future customers might go deeper into the details regarding your product/service.
It is crucial to make sure that all conversations fully satisfy customer needs and queries. Also, when the conversation gets several layers deep, it may be time to move the conversation over to a team member.

9. Add Visual Components
Media or visual components are always more attractive to visitors. So you can plan to include some images or GIFs.

10. Using CTAs
The communication between your chatbot services and the visitor should ideally lead the visitor down the customer journey, guiding them step by step to finally making a purchase. Hence one major factor in this is to incorporate the right CTAs and at the right time.

9 Ways Chatbots Can Grow Customer Retention Rate

1.Interact Outside Your Time-Zone
If your customer base is not bound to a particular location, then you do need to provide support outside your business time-zone. You cannot afford to confine your working hours. You will not get the required results. Customer satisfaction, leads and conversions will be lesser. Your team, however efficient, cannot provide this kind of support. But now, you can give this kind of service by leveraging the benefits of chatbot services.

2.Visitors Demographics Information
You can get it incorporated by the right chatbot service provider. Using a customer service chatbot, you can acquire your customers’ demographic data. Plan a set of questions that are goal-oriented and specific to your business. Data collected can be used for building a strategy for better customer retention.

3.Train Your Bot With Multiple Languages
Multilingual chatbots can provide a better customer experience ( more relatable and convenient ) and thus can improve your retention rate. Language is no more a bottleneck to reach across to a broader range of audiences.

4.Collect Feedback
The benefit of using a customer feedback book need not be stressed enough. Every business owner and marketer is aware of the power of feedback from visitors and customers. Using this data, you can tweak your marketing plans. It is a very powerful tool. If your customer service chatbot can do this for you, then you benefit in a number of ways. Every time your customer purchases an item, your chatbot could ask them for their valuable feedback. Positive testimonials can be used as promotional material.

5.Provide Purchase option Directly From Chat Interface
It is possible to provide the purchasing facility directly from the chat interface. This helps in enhancing user experience, and that is a great way to increase customer loyalty to your brand.

6.Automate FAQs
Chatbot service providers, along with your team, can plan a series of FAQs to resolve customers’ queries in the least possible time. This automatically reduces the manual engagement required. Customer service Chatbots can be programmed to engage and communicate with the right keywords for customer retention.

7.Thank You Messages
A simple thank you message can make your customers happy and compel them to return to your website. It is necessary to show your appreciation and thank them for trusting your brand. Every small communication with your customers matters while aiming for higher customer loyalty.

8.Content With Value
Content should always deliver value to your prospects or your customers. Good content is a powerful way you can stay connected with your potential customers. Content marketing is providing your customers with the right value-driven information at the right time in the customer journey. With chatbots, you can deliver the correct information at the right time.

9.Customer Service Chatbots for Loyalty Program
Program your chatbot so that it can ask for referrals, provide discounts, and reward your loyal customers. Make it do everything that’s a must for your loyalty program.

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