Trends of Google Advertising – 2021

Trends of Google Advertising

Trends of Google Advertising – 2021

A cursory glance at the previous year’s marketing landscape – 2020 is enough to conclude that the global pandemic – coronavirus – has affected the search behaviour of users in profound ways. Artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing statistics and voice search engine optimization were at one time the most ambitious concepts bordering on digital advertising trends. But in recent times, the most innovative digital marketing trends that have evolved according to current trends, are the top priorities for business owners in 2021. After all, if your business intention is to remain competitive in online landscapes, the business organization structure must adapt to rapidly evolving changes in digital marketing.

As 2020 has been a tough year for many industries, companies have adapted their digital marketing strategies accordingly to the current trends in advertising and pandemic by shifting their focus on their social media platforms and marketing strategies to survive in the landscape. Accordingly, Google has also surprised its users with a few changes like updating the search query report, new ad extensions, new audience targeting, etc… All these changes have forced advertisers to adjust their search engine monetization strategies and search engine optimization tactics in order to maintain and increase their ROI.

Google Advertising Trends to watch out for in 2021

Say hello to responsive search ads:

Responsive search ads rotate your advertising assets to find the perfect combination to maximize your performance. The expanded text advertisements are static by default and there are technical ways to make them more responsive through the use of dynamic keyword insertion or ad customizers that will eventually lead to a quality score and relevant experience for the user. The sponsored search ads, in theory, make the user experience for users a little more relevant, improve ad revenues, and improve performance for advertisers on google. Most of the industry that cannot easily adapt to change would still favour text ads over the widespread use of responsive search ads. But for experienced advertisers online, trying and nudging in the direction that gives google more control over the serving of ads will help them be more agile and maximize ad revenue through high click rates.

Let’s talk about google ads optimization:

The applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the google ad space are becoming more and more sophisticated for digital marketers. This welcome news in 2021 for the digital marketers is looking to squeeze every ounce of return they can get out of their advertising budget online. Artificial intelligence has been proven to be more accurate in reaching target audiences when they are most ready to buy. With these new automation technologies, it can also predict conversions and click-through rates, giving the marketing brass more time to guide, shape and strategize brand messaging. Without much fanfare, most of the magic today is built right into your google ads platform.

Behold, the rise of video ads:

The accelerated shift in the user viewing habits will fasten the development of a post cable ecosystem. Google advertising statistics show that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool to inform entertain and educate their customers more than ever. With greater access to more information and decreasing attention spans, competing for attention on the information is no easy task. Video advertising has been under-utilized but is a growing form of engaging your customers that provides extra value that the other media simply can’t. The ideal attention-grabbing combination of narratives and visuals is absolutely perfect for introducing, showing off and driving sales for your brand. As more employees continue to work from home, communities’ shelter in one place, internet usage and video consumption are spiking tremendously.

Shopping ads made free:

Google has introduced free listings that came about as a result of the financial crisis caused by the global pandemic. Google allows its merchants to show their products across google shopping, which ultimately reaches millions of shoppers a day. For searches on the google shopping tab, generally, the results will be the primary free listings, much like on the google search results page. Once the retailers submit their product seeds to google merchant center, they can opt to show their products across google for free. Although the retailers have to keep in mind that Google restricts listings for regulated, illegal or sensitive products. The shopping results from the search results page, google images, Gmail, google display network, YouTube, and partnered search engines will continue to feature paid shopping ads so that the advertisers won’t lose much of their shopping ads traffic.

Google’s advertising trends have always been constantly evolving to better meet the needs of its customers. The aim of Google’s transformation is to develop a roadmap to improve the digital skills and capabilities, at the same time, integrating ‘always-on’ online marketing activities with your product and your brand marketing in the business.

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