Why Toronto Companies Are Investing in SEO Amidst COVID-19 and Why You Should too

While the global economy is in chaos, and multitudinous businesses are going under, Toronto companies have made the ideal decision to keep themselves afloat by investing in SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Ever since the pandemic happened, search traffic of brands/ companies that fall under health, safety and other essentials have escalated.

On the contrary, search traffic of non-essential products/ services hit rock bottom.

Does this mean brands that deal with dispensable items should turn a blind eye to SEO?

Should they stay low until the time we recover from the crises and people starts looking for them again?

The answer is NO!

Because let’s be realistic. None can tell when the pandemic will wrap up!

In the meantime, essential or not, the best decision you can make for your company is to resort to the implementation of SEO.

The companies in Toronto, quick to catch on to where the world is heading towards, wasted no time in implementing SEO in their campaigns.

Find Out Why Investing In SEO is the Key to Your Company’s Survival!

1.   A steep decline in paid advertising strategies!

When COVID-19 shut down companies, brands reacted by terminating a majority of their paid ads campaigns.

According to the World Economic Forum, by June 2020, brands across Europe reduced their ad spend by 9%, on an average.

A survey conducted by Marketing Week and E-consultancy in April 2020, saw that out of 447 brands in the UK, only 7% took the risk to invest in their marketing strategies during the pandemic.

The above image shows that while 46% of buyers adjusted their advertising spend, another 24% brought their campaigns to a standstill until further notice.

Whilst companies were cutting down their marketing expenses and pausing their strategies leading brands started investing in SEO.

With paid ads off the screen, SEO-optimized content has a high chance to rank in the first pages of search engines.

Which means better traffic to your websites,

And your businesses bouncing back strong and booming when the COVID-19 affair subsides.

2.   SEO is cost-effective and promises long-term results.

Paid ads will place your products right before the target audience and show results straight away.


And it is also true that they fall flat the moment you terminate the campaign.

But with SEO, brands don’t need to pay any advertising platforms to reach their prospects. Though it takes a bit longer, SEO gains momentum and gets better with time.

With the right strategies and implementation, brands can reap the benefits of their SEO efforts for years at zero expense.

If this is how SEO works, can you think of another better time to invest in SEO?

Grab this opportunity to create authoritative, relevant content.

Build a strong rapport with your customers that will make you irresistible to them.

3.   Consumers still need your products/ services.

When times are uncertain, don’t you generally ignore non-essential items/ services?

You do, and you’re not alone.

But not everyone does that. There are still people waiting to get their hands on your products/ services even with the pandemic.

COVID-19 did compel you to put up the ‘Close’ tag for your physical storefronts. However, that doesn’t mean you should close down your digital presence too.

As we practice social-distancing and quarantine, the only way to stay connected to others is through digital media.

Go digital and show what your business got.

Prove your expertise and authority and be consistent.

You will no longer feel the need to search for customers because it is they who will chase after your products.

4.   SEO is adaptable.

SEO is not limited to your website pages, landing pages and company blog posts. You can implement it on almost any online platforms.

According to a 2020 report by Statista, over 3.6 billion people use social media.

SEO applies to social media platforms too. Leaving them untapped would mean leaving out a massive chunk of revenue on the table.

Brands use hashtags, relevant keywords and phrases to get to the potential buyers because there’s no saying who might be looking for which products/ services-pandemic or not.

The above image is an example of how Filmakersworld is investing in SEO with the right hashtags and relevant keywords to reach people interested in videos and films.

5.   Stay on top through relevant and authoritative content.

Coronavirus and the menace it creates is not something you can control.

But whether your customers remember or ditch you for your competitors is in your hands.

What do you need to do to stay connected to them?


Show up, show them that your business is still fine and running and update industry-related content.

But remember to be empathetic.

The virus has affected everyone in one way or the other, and the best way to connect to your prospects during hard times is to show that you understand their pain.

For instance, if your brand deals with food items, prove your expertise by updating blog posts and social posts on food items that people should take to boost immunity.

If you are a personal trainer, update content on the moves and stretches one can do at home while people are under lockdown.

If you are an academic subject expert, conduct free webinars for students.

Show them that you care while proving your expertise.


The ongoing situation is a validation that companies need SEO to outlive the pandemic. If it was something you didn’t prioritise in earlier, now is the ideal time to invest in it because as mentioned above, SEO is the lifeline for brands and companies.

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